Best Cash-Back Grocery Apps

Saving money. It’s something everyone wants to do, right? And grocery shopping is something we all have to do, because, you know, the family thinks they need to eat every day. With this in mind, I have found a few different cash-back apps that have helped us save money when it comes to our grocery shopping.

I like the cash-back apps because they take very little effort with pretty good results. There are 4 apps that I use every time I get home from the grocery store. Some of these are apps I’ve been using for a long time, others I have found more recently. Also, some of them I get more money back than others, but they are all something!

Walmart Savings Catcher

My first app is always the Walmart savings catcher. Of course, if you don’t shop at Walmart, this one obviously doesn’t help much. When we lived in Florida we usually shopped at Publix (I miss Publix!), but now our closest grocery store is a Neighborhood Marketplace Walmart, so that’s where I go. The Savings Catcher is the easiest of the apps to use. You have to set up an account with Walmart, and download the app. There’s an option for Savings Catcher, and all you have to do is scan the bar code on your receipt. That’s it. After a few days the app checks other stores in the area for lower prices, and if they match anything you get the difference back. Whenever you are ready, you click “get it back” and within a couple days you get an email with a Walmart gift card.

Total Saved: $164.47 over 30 months


Besides the Savings Catcher, my next favorite cash-back app is Ibotta. This takes a little more effort than the Walmart app, but it’s still easy to get money back with it. After you have your grocery receipt, you check the app for any items you purchased. Activate the offer, scan the barcode for the product, then scan the receipt. The great thing is that you can use this app for many different stores. And more than just grocery stores as well.

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If you link up with other friends, you form a team. Depending on how many offers your team redeems in a month, you can earn extra. If you want to download the app and join my team, you can use my referral link. Once you get to a savings of $20 cash back, you can cash out with a transfer to paypal or venmo, or choose different gift cards. I like this app because you can get straight cash from it!

Total Saved: $80 over 14 months


Checkout51 works very similar to Ibotta. You activate an offer, scan the product, then scan the receipt. I check this app every time I go grocery shopping, although I don’t find as much on here. I buy a lot of generic brand groceries, and the app is all name brand. Every now and then I do find some offers for things we buy. They also have a current option to enter any grocery receipt of $60 or more for a chance to win $500. Checkout51 also has a cash out minimum of $20 in savings. Once you have that and request your cash-out, they will mail you a check to deposit.

Total Saved: $11.95 over 9 months


SavingStar is another app similar in the method of activating offers, scanning bar codes, and scanning your receipt. Personally, I find the least savings on this app, but I still check it. Again, it is all name brand items, so that limits my purchases. The other problem I run into is on SavingStar, you often have to buy multiples of products to get the savings, which I usually don’t do. Once you have $5 in savings, you can cash out to a bank account, paypal, or gift cards to Starbucks, AMC Theatres, or iTunes.

Total Savings: $4.54 over 7 months

Why Cash-Back Apps?

You may ask why I use cash-back apps, rather than coupons. Sure, you could do both, but I found coupons a pain to deal with. You have to watch expiration dates, limit requirements, and just the general pain of having to carry them with you. Oftentimes the coupons wouldn’t work, and the time it takes to clip coupons. It just wasn’t worth it for me. These cash-back apps are great because I don’t have to put much work in, but have a great return. Of course, to maximize the return, once you make your grocery list, you could look through the current offers to see if any match with what you are buying.

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4 thoughts on “Best Cash-Back Grocery Apps

  1. I love grocery apps! I use all these myself and more. Saving is what I’m all about. Shared on FB and tweeted!

    1. I used to try coupons too and it was such a mess and they would expire before I used them. I love these. I’ve made over $200 on the groceries I was already buying!

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