Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Review

Book Review: Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

I honestly have mixed thoughts about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. There are those who absolutely love the series, and others who hate the series. I fall in between them. I read all of the books, and enjoyed them almost as a guilty-pleasure type of book series. BDB is, at it’s core, a dirty romance novel full of detailed sex scenes with a bit of supernatural elements and battles thrown in.

Black Dagger Brotherhood is about a society of vampire warriors that live together and have to protect the vampire race from a group of humans without souls called the lessers. The books revolve around strong male leads, which I find interesting coming from a female author.

The first few books were written in a similar format, and some of the later books were written from multiple points of view which does get confusing at time. I actually had a hard time getting into the series at first. A while ago I tried to read the first book and couldn’t get into it. At the suggestion of a few friends I picked them up again and was able to read it through.

The BDB series are easy to read, but they are full of cliches and mostly predictable plots. Every now and then a few twists are thrown in there, just for good measure. Just do yourself a favor and read them in order or you will be highly confused!

The newest book is released today, so I will be getting it and reading it of course. Are these the best books I’ve read? Not by a long shot. Will I keep reading? You betcha. Like I said, guilty pleasure!

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