Book Review: Bloodlines

I loved the books in the Bloodlines series, by Richelle Mead. Then again, they are continuation/spinoff from the Vampire Academy series, which I also loved. These books follow the story of Sydney Sage, who we meet in the later books of the Vampire Academy novels, as well as Adrian Ivashkov, also from VA. The story is written mostly from Sydney’s point of view, and in later books also has some written from Adrien’s point of view as well.

Bloodlines Novels

If you haven’t read Vampire Academy yet, you may want to stop here (spoilers!). Also, before reading Bloodlines I would suggest reading Vampire Academy. You don’t have to, but if you read these first then go back to VA, you will have some major spoilers for the ending of that series. Bloodlines picks up not long after VA ends, with our lead character, Sydney, being ordered to protect Jill, the Moroi Princess. At the end of VA, we find out that Vasilissa (now Queen of the Moroi), has a younger half sister. The only way she can stay as queen is if she has at least one family member behind her. Those who are opposed to Lissa as queen have tried to have Jill killed.

Sydney is an Alchemist, meaning she is a human who dabbles in magic and is basically the bridge between the human and vampire world. If a vampire is killed, she is sent in to clean up the mess. She comes from a long line of Alchemists, and has been instilled with their beliefs her entire life. But after she helps Rose in Vampire Academy, she starts to question the motives and teachings of the Alchemists. Once she is set to protect Jill, she also meets Adrian, and her long-standing beliefs are thrown into even more disarray when she finds herself falling for a vampire.

Throughout the series, we are met with new and old faces. Some characters from the original Vampire Academy series make an appearance here and there, and some stick around for a while. We are also introduced to a lot of new characters as well, which makes for an interesting story. I enjoy cameo appearances from the old characters, because it helps remind you of the original story, and usually they don’t seem out of place or character like in some stories.

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Just as with Vampire Academy, I think these books were well-written, and have just the right amount of sarcasm and wit to be funny, and enough story-telling to make you feel like you are right in the middle of it all with the characters. We sympathize with the characters when appropriate, and get frustrated with them as well. These are drama, suspense, and a little bit of love story all wrapped up into one great young adult series.

If you’ve read Vampire Academy and enjoyed it, you should definitely give Bloodlines a try as well.

Have you read the Bloodlines series? What did you think?

Bloodlines Book Review Bloodlines Book Review

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