Briar Creek Vampires Book Review

Book Review: Briar Creek Vampires

Besides one major flaw with the logic in this book series, Briar Creek Vampires by Jayme and Jody Morse were decent overall. They are pretty much your standard YA paranormal romance books…. girl doesn’t know the guys are vampires, finds out later, falls in love with one, wants to become one herself, can’t become a vampire so becomes an immortal instead. Basically, a plot line that is overdone, but hey, I keep reading them so authors will keep writing them!

Book 1 from The Briar Creek Vampires

At least the Briar Creek books throw quite a bit of mystery into the story, so that helps set them apart from some of the other similar series. First is the mystery of her cousin’s death, then her mom’s death, then finding out who her father is, her half-sister… the lead character discovers a lot about herself and those around her as the books go on. Sometimes she can be a bit of an annoying lead character, but it’s also typical YA charactering. She is not always the smartest, and has wayyyyy too many love interests and guys she wants to date. We find out later that most of them just want her for her special blood that will cure the vampires of a disease, but that doesn’t explain her slutiness. Other than maybe that’s just her being a teenager in a new town.

My biggest problem with this series was the huge inconsistency in one of the biggest plot points. Almost all of the vampires in Briar Creek are suffering from Wilkins Disease, which they contracted because of a curse an ancient witch put on them, and from drinking blood from other vampires instead of humans. Only those people who are from the Hunter bloodline are able to cure the vampires, but only until they turn 18. Our main character, Lexi, finds out about her half sister who was helping some of the vampires, but now that she is 18 she can’t save anyone. Now the whole town is out to kill Lexi to let them all drink from her to save themselves. Or, that’s how the first book or two put it. Later in the series they talk about how she can’t continue running her entire life from all these vampires. But she wouldn’t have to run her whole life, she only has about a year until she turns 18 and then is of no use. So wouldn’t she only have to be on the run until her 18th birthday? She goes through crazy steps to become an immortal because apparently that also makes her blood no good to the vampires. This huge inconsistency drove me crazy while I was reading!

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Besides that issue, the books were pretty easy to read. I got through them all quickly, and enjoyed most of it. There were times when the writing seemed to be “telling” the reader more than “showing” the reader, but that wasn’t a big deal for me. The characters all develop throughout the series, and some of them even seem to switch sides either to help Lexi or work against her. The first book was a little slow, but it leaves you on a cliff hanger and wanting more. A few of the books go into multiple points of view, which I am not a big fan of, but it also was necessary to the story. The “final battle” was a little disappointing, and slightly predictable, but it was still an ending that most readers would be ok with.

Have you read the Briar Creek Vampires series? If so, what are your thoughts? What are you currently reading?

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