House of Night Book Series Review

Book Review: House of Night

Another one of the many urban fantasy series that I have read, House of Night by PC Cast, was a mediocre book series. It covers a lot of the same basic plot points of most series of its kind, but also takes a new spin on the idea of how Vampires come to be. The books start out slow, but get better as you get further into the 12 book series.

I know these books got a lot of negative reviews, but I thought they weren’t that bad. Then again, I am not super critical about what I read unless it is just absolutely horrible. Actually, grammar and spelling errors bother me more than a bad story, so I read on. The House of Night novels are set in Tulsa, OK, and the locations are all based on real-life places in the city, as well as a few in other areas.

House of Night is about “fledgling” vampires who have been marked, and now need to learn how to live as vampires before their body makes the change into a full-fledge adult vampire. Those who are marked go to a boarding school, called the House of Night, to learn from the adult vampires during the four years that it takes for them to make the transition.

The characters are a little bland, and very cliche in the fact that the main character, Zoey, get the best of everything. She has the most power, she is marked with a different marking than most, she has a special connection to their goddess…. the list goes on. She does suffer some losses throughout the series, she has setbacks, but it’s still a little too much to be believable.

The first couple books were focused so much on Zoey’s love life and trying to put in so many pop culture references and teenager slang, it was a little hard to read. Once you get past those story lines, the books are so much better. I’m glad I stuck with them and read the entire series, but I can also understand why people give up on it as well.

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