Sorcerers Ring Book Review

Book Review: Sorcerer’s Ring

The Sorcerer’s Ring, by Morgan Rice, was a mediocre book series. It is a 17 book series, that could have been half as many books and still told the same story. Overall, I still found the series entertaining and read through all of the books. I have a very hard time stopping a book series in the middle of it, whether I want to or not.

If anything was going to stop me from continuing these books, it probably would have been the horrible editing. Now, I don’t pretend I am an editor or perfect at spelling/grammar, but these books were full of errors. There were instances of the wrong character name being used, of words missing altogether, of poor grammar… it goes on and on. A few errors here and there, I can overlook, but when they are spread throughout the books, it’s harder to miss. And it seems to take me out of the story as well when I hit one of those editing issues.

The Sorcerer’s Ring is set in another world completely, and in a much more undeveloped land. A lot of the books are set in The Ring, and that seems to have been a well thought out setting. Once they start traveling outside of that area, it gets a little more hazy and harder to follow.

As you get further and further into the never-ending book series, more characters keep getting added, and it starts to get harder to follow what is going on with everyone. We start to have multiple “main characters” that we are rooting for, and the books start to follow them through their individual journeys. I’m not a big fan of reading a story from so many different points of view. In the beginning, I felt like the main character, Thorgrin, seems to have it too easy. He stumbles through so many things but ends up with the best knight to squire for, he ends up best friends with the king’s son, he is given one of the best animals…. But then as the books continue, everything starts working against him and I just wanted the poor guy to catch a break!

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If you are looking for a quick, easy-to-read book series, these are great. Last I know the first book was free on amazon for the kindle, which is how I read everything. If you are looking for a deep, well-written, epic fantasy story to blow your mind, you might want to pass this one up.

Have you read the Sorcerer’s Ring? What did you think?

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