Dark Hunter book review

Book Series Review: Dark Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Dark Hunter series, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, is similar in some ways to the Black Dagger Brotherhood book series, although still very different. I love the Dark Hunter series, they are another great supernatural romance series, but I feel like the world is more developed than many of the other series I have read. As with any of these types of books, you have to take them for what they are…. they don’t have the greatest writing, but they keep you interested and involved in the characters.

I’ve always found Greek mythology interesting, and these books have heavy roots in the gods and goddesses from Greece. It plays on their relationships, their characters, and presents some of them in a completely different light. The Greek goddess that shows up the most is Artemis. The Dark Hunters are made from someone who has been betrayed in such a way that their soul cries out. Artemis shows up and makes them a deal, they can have one act of vengeance in trade for her owning their soul as one of her soldiers in the war against the Daimons who prey on human souls to keep themselves alive.

Yes, there are many elements of typical supernatural books, but really, it’s hard to avoid that completely. A few times the stories become predictable, but most of the time there are still things that catch me by surprise. I thoroughly enjoy the world that Kenyon created and the characters as well. The books are full of vivid sex scenes, fun characters, those you love to hate and hate to love, and some comedic portions as well.

There are many many books in the Dark Hunter series and in the entire universe which also includes her Dream Hunter and Were-Hunter books as well. This is the full reading list, including the books from the other series as well.

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Dark # Were # Dream # Title Characters Publication Date
Fantasy Lover Julian and Grace February 2, 2002
1 Night Pleasures Kyrian and Amanda September 1, 2002
2 Night Embrace Talon and Sunshine July 1, 2003
3 Dance with the Devil Zarek and Astrid December 1, 2003
4 Kiss of the Night Wulf and Cassandra April 4, 2004
5 1 Night Play Vane and Bride August 3, 2004
6 Seize the Night Valerius and Tabitha December 28, 2004
7 Sins of the Night Alexion and Danger June 28, 2005
8 2 Unleash the Night Wren and Maggie December 27, 2005
9 3 Dark Side of the Moon Ravyn and Susan May 30, 2006
10 1 The Dream-Hunter Arik and Geary February 6, 2007
11 Devil May Cry Sin and Kat July 31, 2007
12 2 Upon The Midnight Clear Aidan and Leta October 30, 2007
13 3 Dream Chaser Xypher and Simone February 5, 2008
14 Acheron Acheron and Soteria/Tory August 4, 2008
15 One Silent Night Stryker and Zephyra November 25, 2008
16 4 Dream Warrior Jericho and Delphine February 3, 2009
17 4 Bad Moon Rising Fang and Aimee August 4, 2009
18 5 No Mercy Dev and Samia September 7, 2010
19 6 Retribution Sundown and Abigail August 2, 2011
20 7 5 The Guardian Seth and Lydia November 1, 2011
21 8 Time Untime Ren and Kateri August 7, 2012
22 Styxx Styxx and Bethany September 3, 2013
23 Dark Bites Aricles and Bathymaas January 21, 2014
24 9 Son of No One Cadegan and Jo September 2, 2014
25 10 Dragonbane Maxis and Seraphina August 4, 2015
26 11 Dragonmark Illarion and Edilyn August 2, 2016

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Note that Fantasy Lover isn’t actually part of the series, but those characters do come up in other books, so it helps to read that one first. All of these books could be read as stand alone books, but you would miss out on a lot of backstory and other details.

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Have you read the Dark Hunter books? What did you think? What are you currently reading?

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