Daniel Tiger Trolley Cake Stand

Daniel Tiger’s Trolley Cake Stand

Tyler is obsessed with Daniel Tiger. Everything we do in our house is based off a Daniel Tiger song. Seriously, we know them all. So of course, his third birthday is going to be Daniel Tiger themed. I wanted to build a trolley for the cake stand, looked some ideas up online, and went from there. There is a tutorial on the PBS Kids website: http://www.pbs.org/parents/birthday-parties/daniel-tiger-birthday-party/decorations/trolley-box-dessert-stand/ I made mine slightly different, though, since I didn’t have all the right supplies.

I started with an empty diaper box. Really any box will do as long as it is rectangular. I originally tried to paint the box, but it wasn’t sticking well and just didn’t look good. I think if I had gotten some spray paint it may have been better, but I didn’t have any and was doing this all from things I found around the house. So I went to all my scrapbooking supplies and found some red scrapbooking paper that was enough for what I needed. I wrapped that around the box, and taped it all on.



After the sides were done, I added two pieces to the top that were big enough to hang over the sides some.


I printed out the printable windows off the PBS website (http://www.pbs.org/parents/birthday-parties-pdfs/daniel-tiger-birthday-party/daniel-tiger-trolley-dessert-stand-windows.pdf) and attached those to the sides and front. Then I cut some wheels out of black paper to put underneath. I used the hot glue gun to glue the trolley on top of an old blackberry container. This would lift it up a little bit so it doesn’t rest on the paper wheels.


The last thing I did was cut a small circle out of yellow paper to be the light. Tyler insisted that trolley had to have a light because that’s what makes it say “ding ding”! I put that on one side, then also cut the corners of the top piece and glued them in to give it a bit of an angle. It may not be the greatest out there. But Tyler thought it was so cool, and that’s what matters since it’s his birthday!!

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Daniel Tiger Trolley Cake Stand Daniel Tiger Trolley Cake Stand

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